Once your child is ready for pre school you might have some misgivings. It is common for children to feel daunted in an unfamiliar setting, away from their parents, but these are common problems that can be easily resolved.

At ISS International Preschool, there is a focus on learning from the children’s surroundings, and developing relationships through structured play. Through this, children will develop creativity and confidence to express themselves. For more information, you should check out their website: http://www.iss.edu.sg/curriculum/early-years/

Here are some of the ways you can prepare your child for preschool and thus keep the problems at bay.


Often, children are afraid of new environments, particularly if they are to be left their without their parents. You can start by taking your child to visit the school before the school term starts. You can encourage them to talk to the teachers so that when it is time for the child to start school, they do not feel like a fish out of water.


Some children make friends easily and others can struggle with the process. You need to start the process of socialization before schooling. If your child is going to attennd a international preschool Singapore, there is less cause for worry. This is because the school will have the best set up and trained teachers, who will supervise your child’s well being in a non intefering manner. you could also start by encouraging the child to make friends in their peer group. This could be at a park, or a community gathering. This makes it easier for the child to find friends at school.

Being disobedient

Young children may not at first listen to their teachers instructions and at the best pre schools, teachers are able to handle these children skillfully. You can make it easier for the child by setting them up for the type of tasks they will perform at school. This could include reading, writing, and so on. You will not be training the child, just making them familiar with the process of learning, so that they do not have trouble following instructions at school.

Slow learners

Every class, whether preschool, or high school, has its share of slow learners. this does not mean they are failures or they cannot do well in life. With a little extra attention, the students can make good scores. Another factor is the age of the child. A preschool is supported to teach only the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. It helps the child develop motor skills and socialization. So, if your child is slower than others or seems to be, it is a good idea to be patient.

Dealing with preschool problems