A child’s brain is like a super computer. They are quick when it comes to learning and noticing. Very often than not, it’s always the bad cuss words they seem to pick up on the fastest. So, while you watch your tongue and involve them in fun activities, the bud of intelligence blooms. Answer their ‘why’s’ and you should do well.

Infant care activities to boost intelligence:-

  • Let’s start with the basics. Nothing comes close to bonding with your little rug rat. They may drive you up the wall multiple times in the day but you need to remember that infants haven’t a grasp on what is annoying or what is appropriate. Everything they see around them is new to them which roughly means that things that you, as a parent, feel are bad behavior is beyond their understanding. Bonding with the infant, will instill a sense of security. It definitely is a task to bond when you wake up at 3am to feed the little one but an effort made now will make the relationship stronger. Babies may not understand words yet, but they can sense emotions. So if you do fight with your partner in front of the baby, make up for it immediately.
  • Talk to your baby, a lot. Do not baby talk, but instead tell your child how your day was and the people you met. Research suggests that early talkers were linked to being spoken to by their parents. Listening boosts the child’s brain power. Such children have superior IQ as well.
  • The infant picks up language based on the number of words you use, the complexity and the variety. Voice intonation also plays an important role. When vowels are stretched with higher pitch, the words are easily grasped.
  • Point while you speak. The attention is diverted towards the object and the baby will learn to recognize and link words to objects.
  • To build emotional intelligence in the infant, smile around him. Pick up your child and console him when he is upset. When you have to say no, give an explanation. Involve your baby in family activities like laundry.
  • To develop analytical skills teach your baby the different shapes, sizes and colors. Music plays a key role in the development of the brain. Expose your child to classical music or give him toys that make noises when squeezed. When the child is a little older, you can play counting games.
Developing Intelligence In Infants

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