Going to a preschool in Singapore is an important step for your child, however, it is a very big step that may be difficult for your child to take. They will be going out of the safety of their homes and will have to spend their time with people and other children who are complete strangers to them. This can be cause for a lot of anxiety and anguish in the child. Along with your child, it will also be difficult for you to leave your child at the preschool. You can check out anĀ International preschool in Singapore which can help your child better adjust.

The most important step even before you send your child to the preschool in singapore will be to ease their fears about the preschool. Having conversations with your child about the preschool and the fact that they will have toys and kids to play with can be a major step towards a smooth transition for your child into preschool. It is also a good idea to take the child to visit the preschool before the actual start of the school. By doing this you will help your child get comfortable in the classroom. Let the child explore the room independently while you talk to the teacher about what would be the daily routine of your child in the class and the curriculum. It can also help to introduce some of these activities at home such as scribbling so that when the child goes to the preschool and finds that it has the same colors and paper it will ease the fears of your child. You can also ask the teachers themselves how they plan on dealing with the first-day tears.

On the first day of school, you should enter the class calmly while dropping off the child. Children are able to pick up on the moods of their parents if you show signs of concern or worry or even guilt of leaving them at the classroom this will add to the fear of your child. The more confident you are in your decision the calmer you will be and this will show the child that the classroom is a safe place. Once you enter the classroom make sure to introduce your child to the teacher and help them form a relationship. It is then a good idea to say a short goodbye and leave soon after that. The more you drag the goodbye the more the fear in your child will grow and if you leave without saying goodbye it will make the child feel abandoned.

How Can You Help Your Child Adjust To Preschool?

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