From a teacher’s perspective, it can get quite tricky to find the right balance with a mixed bag of students with different learning skills. Here are some of the methods used to help a slow learner improve his math score.


Take it One Step at a Time

A mixed bag of students requires that the teacher slows down a bit during the lesson. The instructions should easy for the entire class to comprehend otherwise it can make some in the classroom uneasy. By using this simple way, kids understand the vastness of the subject. Of course, the basics may seem like something simple, but addition and subtraction along with tables can throw many kids off their game.


Pairing Kids Together

Based on the learning abilities of the students, the teacher pairs them together in smaller groups. Using simple and then difficult levels of assignments using props builds confidence in children who cannot comprehend. If there is additional learning that is required, the child could opt for primary maths tuition and improve her/his learning curve. A smaller group makes it easier for the child to talk things over and work on the problem without feeling shy or small.
Using Recreational Tools

Puzzles or an interactive session energizes even the bored child to participate. As the little one(s) breaks out of her or his shell, s/he actually develops a thirst for the subject. The method may seem simplistic but in theory and from all practical purposes it is designed to whet the appetite of the child.


Think Differently

The best part about opting for  primary math tuition classes is that not every student in the classroom is the same. At the Indigo Group Tuition Center, children are classified into sections based on their ability to grasp the subject. If someone needs additional tutoring, s/he is given extra attention. This is easier on the child who does not feel pressurized because she or he has not caught up with the others in the class.


The Relevance of Math

Parents know that without the basic knowledge of mathematics kids cannot succeed and they face ridicule. One cannot do away with the subject because whether a child likes it or not, math is here to stay. Tuition will definitely help her/him down the line. The K12 method of education has been beneficial in this context as kids are not bored with redundant teaching patterns.


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Opting for a Private Tutor helps a Slow Learner Improve