The nurturing of your kid, while you are away, should be reliable and cover all the social aspects that would groom the kid to be a responsible person in future. As a result, choosing the best Child Care Centres would help your kid learn a lot of things in a cool and conducive environment. There are many child care centres in Singapore, but only a few can give your kid the necessary knowledge that would make him or her have excellent manners and an impeccable personality.

1. Australian International School

This is an organised and focused school that offers day care services to kids from the age of two years and below. It has a stimulating learning environment, a purpose-built area and a conducive playing environment for your kid. All their activities are handled by an Early Childhood specialist, which means your kid would only undergo purposeful play and learning. It is therefore among the best child care centres in Singapore for your kid.

2. Between Two Trees

For all ages between 0 to 18 months, this resource has the best utilities and requirements to nurture these kids. It mostly majors on language development, mathematical skills, cognitive enhancement and scientific knowledge teaching to the infant. To add to that, the school also teaches visual arts and drawing capabilities, which helps in improving and nurturing the kids’ creativity.

3. Bibinogs Pre-School

If you are the kind of mom who normally loves to have private time with their kids, this is one of the best child care centres in Singapore for you. It has separate rooms where mothers can come and nurse their children. The child care has a pre-school educational program that helps kids develop their academic skills before they join school. It is a safe place where your kid would be under maximum supervision without compromising his or her freedom.

4. Blue House Nursery and International School

The quality of this school is iconized by conducive and mesmerising grounds where kids can play all day without getting bored. Toddlers would be happy to associate with others and go to the bouncing castles together. There is a lot of fun that can make your child happy, and the teachers or caretakers would always be there to ensure that your kid grows both socially and physically fit.

5. Brain Child Montessori

The school is perfectly located on a place where the weather and environment is cool for your kid. They not only nurture your child academically and socially but they also offer nutritional guidelines if need be to ensure that your kid grows well and healthy. With very friendly staff who love children and their childish acts, this is rated as one of the best child care centres in Singapore.

Choosing a school could be difficult, but you need to consider what is provided at the school or the child care centres in Singapore and relate to your goals and how you would like your kid to learn before you enrol your kid.

Top 5 Child Care Centres in Singapore

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